Netflix’s Chilling Crime-Thriller K-drama ‘Somebody’ Lands In November



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Netflix’s Chilling Crime-Thriller K-drama ‘Somebody’ Lands In November

By storyteller24

Netflix has announced the premiere date of its upcoming original K-drama 'Somebody.'

Netflix unveiled the premiere date for the upcoming eight-episode crime-thriller series along with its first teaser clip. 'Somebody', which stars Kim Young-kwang (On Your Wedding Day) and rookie actress Kang Hae-lim will premiere exclusively on the streaming platform on November 18.

The series will follow a young woman named Sum (played by Kang), a developer of a social connecting app called 'Somebody', as she gets caught up in a series of murders and crimes connected to the app. She soon encounters the mysterious architect Yoon-o (Kim), who appears to be harbouring a secret.

Netflixs new trailer follows Sum through her daily life, and she laments about being different from others due to her extremely introverted personality. Later, Yoon-o is seen finding a match and forming a relationship with a young woman he meets on the app, who he eventually strangles.

As Sum's investigations continue, she, too, matches with Yoon-o on 'Somebody', and appears to start an intense romantic relationship with him. Do you know what my hobby is?, he asks in a voiceover during a scene where he strangles another woman, to which Sum answers: I know.

'Somebody' is also set to star Kim Yong-ji (Tale of the Nine-tailed) and newcomer Kim Soo-yeon as Mok-won and Ki-eun respectively, who are close friends of Sums.

The upcoming drama is helmed by director Jung Ji-woo, who is best known for the 2012 film Eun-gyo, in which famed actress Kim Go-eun (Goblin, Little Women) made her debut. Jung is known for his suspenseful films across genres, like Happy End (1999) and Heart Blackened (2017).

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