"Scamming Is A Job Too!" M'sian Confronts Scammer & Shares Conversation In Viral Post



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"Scamming Is A Job Too!" M'sian Confronts Scammer & Shares Conversation In Viral Post

By JustineG

Have you recently received strange WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers? If you have, you're not alone. Scammers have been using this technique to trick people into answering their calls, hoping to get access to their personal information or money.


One Malaysian woman decided to take matters into her own hands and confront the scammer behind the calls. In a post shared on Xiaohongshu, a Chinese social media platform, she shared her conversation with the scammer and his shocking admission about scamming people.

According to her post, she had been receiving two-second-long WhatsApp calls from different numbers for a few days and suspected it was a scam. Instead of just blocking the caller, she decided to engage in a conversation with him to understand his thought process.


During their conversation, the scammer revealed that he was running a scam job and explained that his life was difficult. She confronted him, asking why he wanted to be a scammer and whether he believed in karma. 

The scammer denied being a scammer at first, but eventually admitted to it and shared that he worked for Shopee, an online marketplace in Southeast Asia.

The woman explained to him that scamming people is not the solution to his problems and asked him if he could sleep at night if his own child were to fall victim to a scam. 


The scammer responded by venting his frustration about his job, saying that he spends all his hours on the computer with no sleep or rest. He argued that scamming is a job too and that he has to do it to survive.

The woman became increasingly angry as the conversation went on, pointing out that the people he had scammed and would scam in the future were also going through similar difficulties in life. 


Despite her efforts to persuade him to turn his life around, she eventually blocked him. However, she worries that the scammer might try to hack her out of revenge.


After the post went viral, many people expressed disbelief at the scammer's logic. The woman included the scammer's phone number in her post to prevent others from falling victim to his schemes.


It is important to remember to stay vigilant and protect yourself from scammers. If you receive suspicious calls or messages from unknown numbers, do not engage with them and block the caller. Share your experiences in the comments to help others avoid falling for these scams.

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