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#TrueLove: Signs That You’ve Found “The One”

MJC97   |   Jul 21, 2021, 15:37   |   736

When you reach a certain age, you stop wanting to play around and flirt with 10 different people at the same time. You just want to settle down and find someone to live out the rest of your life with. 

You’re just tired of having meaningless relationships and want to find “the one”. The person that will be with you for realz and not just for fun. So, how do you know if you have found the one?

Well, here are the signs that you have finally found the person to grow old with:

1. You can be vulnerable with them and still feel safe


Being vulnerable means allowing your partner to really know every part of you, your thoughts, feelings, challenges, weaknesses and even the things you’re most ashamed of. You’ll know if they are the one of you don’t feel like they are going to use them against your or judge you. You feel okay and safe sharing it with them. 

2. Your goals and values are aligned


If you do not take the time and effort to align your vision, core values, and passions with your partner, it will slowly start to take a toll on your relationship because the both of you will be heading in two different directions. At the end of it all, you will end up in two different destinations. How to be together when you’re both in different places? 

3. They motivate and inspire you like no one else


They are your number 1 cheerleader. They are always there to support you when you need someone to lean on, they are there to inspire you when you feel like giving up and they are there to motivate you when you don’t believe in yourself. And you are the same way to them. 

4. You both understand that love takes work


You both understand that you cannot be 100% in sync, so conflicts and misunderstandings are likely to arise. However, you both also know that compromise is the answer and the key to a healthy relationship. You both understand that to make what you have last forever, each of you has to put in effort and make sacrifices. 

5. They have become your home

When you with them, you feel comfortable and safe. You feel like you are home. 


6. They talk to you about your future together


Whether its plan for 6 months from now or maybe even ten year or 50 years from now, when they start talking about your future together, it means that they are in it for the long run. They want to spend their future with you in it. 

7. You are happy when you’re with them


Despite the small arguments or even the big ones, you always find happiness with them. Bing with them makes you feel content and happy. It is like happiness has a whole new meaning when you’re with them. 


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