Pre-Workout | Dos & Don'ts To Make Sure You Lose Weight Fast!



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Pre-Workout | Dos & Don'ts To Make Sure You Lose Weight Fast!

By m7py

You're about to hit another workout session at the gym & you're already munching on last night's leftover pizza! 

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Well, if you want those hours in the gym to not go to waste, then, here's a list of things you should & should not do before exercise. 

1- Drink plenty of fluids

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Make sure you're hydrated enough before you sweat it out. Plus, it will keep your energy levels high, so you can get through your intense workout time. Aim to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces per day. 

2- Munch some snack

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And, by that, I mean healthy options such as a piece of toast with almond butter. Starving yourself will not help you lose weight fast. So, fuel up with a little snack for an energy booster. 

3- Don't stretch

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Stretching can reduce your exercise performance and stability during a workout. Instead, go for an active warmup! This will prepare your body for the active moves during your workout and get your blood moving. Try a two-part warmup: a cardio exercise and a foam roll. 

4- Use a foam roller

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Massage your muscles with a foam roller to ease the muscle soreness and loosen up your joints. You will appreciate this after your workout session. 

So, make sure to follow these rules to burn off more calories! 

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