Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 and 3 Currently in Production!



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Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 and 3 Currently in Production!

By Pineapplesz

Guess what? 'Sweet Home' season 2 and 3 reportedly has begun its production. Finally after a year and a half of waiting, we are being rewarded with not only a second season but also a third season of this hit 2020 K-urban action fantasy series. Can this day get any better?

'Sweet Home,' depicts a future where humanity is plagued by a virus outbreak. Those with greed and hate in their hearts are transformed into horrible, bloodthirsty beasts by the strange virus.  

Netflix confirmed the lead cast line-up and they had graciously greeted us with photos of them wearing t-shirts with words that say, 'Sweet Home II + III' on it. 

The leading stars of season 1 will be returning for season 2 to pick up where the story had left off. However, there are some new faces here that will be joining Sweet Home season 2 and 3. 

Yoo Oh Sung will take on the role of a special forces captain, Oh Jung Se will be playing the role of a lab scientist. Kim Moo Yeol and Jinyoung will be playing the roles of special forces members.

We have been waiting for ages for the new season. Are you all excited for this? If you are, lets sharpen our blades and get ready for another round of survival.  

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