38 Day Old Infant Passes Away After Suffering From Severe Shock Due To Aidilfitri Fireworks



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38 Day Old Infant Passes Away After Suffering From Severe Shock Due To Aidilfitri Fireworks

By Ayunie

An infant, who was a little more than a month old, has unfortunately passed away due to severe shock after getting startled by loud explosion of fireworks, Detik.com reports. 

The incident occurred on the eve of Aidilfitri in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. The victim and her parents had fallen asleep in the bedroom when the tragedy occurred, which was caused by their neighbours firing fireworks.

The poor baby's right eye was suddenly closed shut, and her tongue was said to be upside down, as she was startled by the explosion of the excessively loud fireworks. "The baby didn't respond when the mother tried to feed her breast milk as her tongue was upside down, so we rushed her to the hospital," says Nufus, the baby's aunt. 

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The victim was then transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) at Muhammadiyah Hospital Lomongan after falling into a coma.  According to her CTU scan, the baby had unfortunately suffered ruptured vessels in her brain. She was treated for six days in the ICU before succumbing to her brain aneurysm. 

The doctor who treated the late infant stated that in some cases, it is possible for babies to suffer from ruptured vessels in their brain due to severe shock. 

What advice can you give to avoid such regrettable incident? Comment below. 

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