WATCH: "They Even Mix Their Food With Frozen Feces!" "Local Influencer Claims Mamak Restaurants Uses 'Toyol's Urine' in Curry; PRESMA Files Report



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WATCH: "They Even Mix Their Food With Frozen Feces!" "Local Influencer Claims Mamak Restaurants Uses 'Toyol's Urine' in Curry; PRESMA Files Report

By JustineG

In case you are not aware, words have a powerful impact and can result in serious consequences when making strong and false accusations against another party, potentially leading to legal repercussions.

That said, a local influencer stirred controversy by claiming that many Mamak restaurants use 'Toyol's urine' as an ingredient in their curry dishes. She posted a video on TikTok urging the public to avoid Mamak restaurants, strongly accusing some Mamak restaurants of using men's white underwear to pack rice and also using 'Toyol's urine' in their curry.

Additionally, the influencer alleged that a former restaurant employee admitted that the restaurant uses bath water to cook soup, while their Dhall sauce was mixed with frozen faeces. 

PRESMA (Presidents of Malaysia Mamak Association) responded with a statement, expressing uncertainty about the influencer's intentions. They deemed the accusation excessive and declared their intention to pursue legal action, even if the influencer deleted the video.

The association emphasised that there's no room for retracting the police report.

The President of PRESMA characterized the TikTok influencer's claims as baseless and malicious. According to reports, nearly 100 police reports have been filed by PRESMA members nationwide, with expectations of more coming forward. 

Watch the reposted video by a different user: 

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He emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the accusations, as they not only harm the credibility of Mamak restaurant owners but also touch upon a sensitive matter. 

As of this writing, the influencer has deleted the video from her social media platform.

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