WATCH: “Pick Whatever You Want!” CikB Treats Her Staff To Luxury Shoes, Says There’s No Price Limit!



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WATCH: “Pick Whatever You Want!” CikB Treats Her Staff To Luxury Shoes, Says There’s No Price Limit!

4 Days ago
By Dhiviya

Cik B recently celebrated her early birthday by sharing on social media the wonderful news of her newest luxury SUV purchase. Being a prosperous social media influencer and businesswoman, she made the decision to share her success with her employees.

Using TikTok, @cikb_havoc announced that she had just bought branded shoes for two of her employees, adding that she had no other people to pamper.

In the footage, Cik B said that as a token of appreciation, she chose to purchase a pair of shoes for her personal assistant Kak Sam, who was shopping for a sweatshirt for her.

"As a token of appreciation, I'm going to buy Kak Sam a new pair of shoes because she helped me find a hoodie."

Cik B shocks Kak Sam by informing her that she wants to purchase a new pair of shoes and asking her to choose whichever pair she likes.

It was hard to overlook Kak Sam's delight as she started to dance. She headed straight to choose her favorite shoes without pausing.

Cik B even told her other male employee that he would be also getting new shoes from her when she broke the news to him. Additionally, she informed her two employees that the shoes had no price limit.

"I took a look at the prices myself after telling them there's no limit for the shoe's price, and now I'm starting to regret it," laughed Cik B.

Cik B disclosed that she had no one else to pamper, which is why she chose to purchase anything for the team after paying for the shoes the staff had chosen.

"Please feel free to send me a personal message if you would like to be spoiled by me." she jokingly added.

Source: Tiktok 

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