WATCH: Two Kind Policemen In Selangor Escorted Pregnant Woman To The Hospital, Regarded As National Heroes



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WATCH: Two Kind Policemen In Selangor Escorted Pregnant Woman To The Hospital, Regarded As National Heroes


"Our job is only to help the people in need, but we did not expect our simple deed to go viral," says 34-year-old Corporal Muhamad Subri Ahmad, 34, who, along with his partner, Corporate Mohd Azmi Said, have received a barrage of compliments from netizens for their heartwarming act.    

Yesterday, both of them had helped to escort a vehicle carrying a pregnant woman, who was in labor, to Pusrawi Hospital, Kota Damansara, Selangor. The whole incident was recorded by another road user, Ahmad Hafizuddin, who also provided initial assistance to smooth the traffic before the Patrol Car unit (MPV) took over.  

Recounting the experience, Muhammad Subri said, during the incident at around 3:50 PM, he and his partner were on their way back to the Sungai Buloh Police Station after participating in the Tobacco Operation with the Gombak Health Department at the Sungai Buloh Mass Rapid Transit (MRT ) Station.  

While stopping at a traffic light junction near the Sungai Buloh KTM Station, we were approached by members of the public on motorcycles asking for help to escort a Perodua Myvi carrying a pregnant woman who was in active labor at the time. "We immediately proceeded to turn on our sirens to install sirens and paved the way. We provided the assistance for about four kilometers before they arrived at the hospital," he added.  

They were later informed that the woman had given birth in the car while on her way to the hospital. "My friend and I waited in the parking lot of the hospital for about 20 minutes before we were finally informed that both the mother and the newborn were in good condition.

What a heartwarming story, isn't it? Watch the video below:

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Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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