NSFW: Ms PuiYi Strikes in The UK & This Time She Flashes Her “Sculptures” In The British Museum!



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NSFW: Ms PuiYi Strikes in The UK & This Time She Flashes Her “Sculptures” In The British Museum!

By MJC97

Local Malaysian influencer Ms PuiYi, known for her controversial sexiness is making headlines again and this time for bringing her sexiness to the UK. 

Just like any of us visiting another country, Ms PuiYi also decided to take a few photos of herself in this beautiful city and share it with her followers. But, she did it in the most Ms PuiYi way possible!

While sharing that she was visiting the British Museum, she included a photo, not of the museum, but of herself in the museum with her blouse rolled up to her upper chest revealing her most famed assets, her breasts in a tight red bra while flashing a sweet smile to the camera. 


As of now, the post has garnered 34k reactions, 960 comments and 509 shares on Facebook. 

Of course, our fellow netizens had a lot to say about it. Some complimented her, some were not happy that she did this in a museum while others had some funny things to say. 

Here are some of their comments reacted to her post:


What do you think about her post? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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