Gmail Said Yes To Emojis & We're So Excited!



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Gmail Said Yes To Emojis & We're So Excited!

2 Weeks ago
By ellephant

Time to give these resume emails some flavor...

According to reports, Gmail may be adding emojis to their mails, and now everything is about to sound a whole lot friendlier!

Google is developing emoji reactions for Gmail so that it becomes like a messaging app.  

The feature was first reported after some code was discovered in the iOS Gmail app that would allow users to react to emails with an emoji, just like similar emoji reaction implementations found on rival platforms like Outlook.

Gmail users will be able to use emoji reactions directly from the email screen or the three-dot overflow menu, though the latter option is currently disabled.  

There may also be some limitations that say some emoji reactions can't be used on encrypted messages, large groups, or if you've been bcc-ed. 

Besides that, a limit of 20 emoji reactions for a single email and at least a limit of 50 unique reactions for some messages, may also be implemented.

Google hasn't publicly made an announcement, but stay tuned to Goody for more.

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