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Starbucks Malaysia Newly Launched Happy Hedgehog Collection | Adorable Cactus-Themed Drinkwares

Jada   |   Apr 21, 2021, 23:00   |   92

The Happy Hedgehog Collection of Starbucks was launched in many countries, including Malaysia! If you like little hedgehogs and cactus, you definitely cannot miss the new merchandise products of Starbucks Malaysia. This series of new merchandise products include mugs, tumblers, bottles and more. Below is a list of the hottest merchandise products of the new Happy Hedgehog Collection.

Cactus Bottle

The white bottle is printed with a simple hedgehog design, while the bottle cap is made up of a super cute cactus element. This group of colours is super attractive and I believe you can take your eyes from it!


Cool Tumbler 

The design of this tumbler is simple yet eye-catching. It comes in the same muted peachy pink and there is a three-dimensional adorable cactus decoration on the lid near the straw. 


Cactus Mug

This item comes with a super cute cactus-shaped cup, a hedgehog ornament, and a wooden tray. 

Isn't it so fashionable and instagrammable? Really can't wait to take it home and show it to friends! 


Pot Mug With Lid

Other than being a cup, this set of cups is super suitable to use as a table decoration! This set of cups comes in the shape of a cactus potted plant, together with a stainless spoon that has a super cute little hedgehog on it. 

it is no wonder that the Happy Hedgehog Collection has set off a hot trend as soon as it was launched in various countries. 


In conjunction with the launch of the "Happy Hedgehog Collection", Starbucks also launched Hedgehog cards and they are worth collecting!

It is known that Starbucks Malaysia started to sell the Happy Hedgehog Collection on 19th April 2021, and this attracted a lot of Starbucks fans to queue up to purchase this new collection. If you are interested, hurry up and rush to the nearby Starbucks stores before they are sold out!


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