Homemade OREO Ice Cream Sandwich (with a twist)!



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Homemade OREO Ice Cream Sandwich (with a twist)!

By xweienx

Whether you love food or not (but why?), everyone knows OREO. And if you really love food, then you'll know of OREO's ice cream sandwich that is to die for! But, buying one ice cream sandwich doesn't seem enough, and buying 10 will put a hole in your budget. So, here's a beginner friendly recipe (with a twist!) to make at least 5 OREO ice cream sandwiches with just one roll of original OREO cookies:


180g Light Cream

20g Fine Sugar

50g Yogurt

45g OREO Cookie Crumbs

OREO Cookie Biscuits



1. Add light cream and sugar into a container, whip until there is texture.

2. Add yogurt and cookie crumbs into the mixture, stir evenly.

3. Pour the mixture into small paper cups or molds.

4. Freeze for at least 3 hours and remove when mixture is solid.

5. Remove the ice cream from mold and put in between OREO biscuits.

6. Congratulations, you're done!


With some easily obtainable ingredients and just a few steps, this is definitely a dessert worth trying out at home. Want a flavor that is not even in the market? Keep on reading!


If you can get your hands on some strawberry powder and jam, you can make your very own strawberry flavored OREO ice cream sandwich. Just reduce the amount of light cream to 150g, then add 5g of strawberry powder and 30g of strawberry jam to the mixture.


What about your favorite matcha flavor? Easy! Keep everything as it was in the original flavored ice cream sandwich but pop 5g of matcha powder into the mixture.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your ingredients from any grocery shop and start working on those beautiful and irresistible ice cream sandwiches while staying at home!

oreo ice.cream Sandwich strawberry matcha


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