SHOCKING: 34-Year-Old Man In Seremban Accuses Wife Of Having Affair With Police Officer, Gets Hit By Car Leaving With Injuries



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SHOCKING: 34-Year-Old Man In Seremban Accuses Wife Of Having Affair With Police Officer, Gets Hit By Car Leaving With Injuries

By JustineG

There has been a surge of infidelity-related news making headlines lately, indicating that the trend shows no signs of abating. In the most recent incident, a 34-year-old man from Seremban found himself amid a tumultuous affair when he discovered his wife's secret liaison with a police officer from Selangor. Tee Seng Keat, a hairdresser in Seremban, held a press conference where he detailed the harrowing experience of losing his wife to the police officer. What's more, the situation took a dangerous turn when the officer not only threatened him but also caused him injuries by running him over while he attempted to confront them.

To delve into the backstory, Seng Keat had been married to his 29-year-old Vietnamese wife for over a decade, and together, they were parents to two children aged 5 and 7 respectively. However, earlier this year, Seng Keat began noticing a shift in his wife's behaviour, which eventually led to the revelation of her infidelity on the 15th of October. This discovery came after he realized his wife had lied about visiting her sister and instead took a trip to Melaka. Further evidence of her affair surfaced when Seng Keat checked her phone and found romantic messages exchanged between her and the other man.

Upon confronting his wife about her deceit, she filed a report against him. After going missing for a brief period, she later appeared at his salon in the company of her lover. When Seng Keat confronted them, the officer callously stated that the right or wrong of the situation didn't matter to him. Seng Keat also claimed that he had been attempting to discuss the possibility of a divorce with his wife, but she had been hesitant to proceed. Subsequently, when his wife informed the salon staff that she would collect her belongings on the 2nd of November, Seng Keat chose to meet her there. However, she arrived with her lover in a car, and upon his arrival, they swiftly drove away. Seng Keat chased them on his motorcycle, pursuing them to the toll leading to KL.

At a traffic light on Jalan Rasah, Seng Keat asserted that the car collided with him, causing him to fall off his bike. Despite his attempts to stop them, they attempted to reverse the car to hit him again. Holding onto the back bumper, Seng Keat implored them to halt, but they drove through the toll booth without heeding his pleas. He eventually lost his grip as the car entered the highway, resulting in multiple injuries.

Seng Keat suspected that the couple met through a dating app, as he discovered the lover's occupation as a police officer from Selangor. His speculations were further supported by firearms depicted in the lover's social media posts. A colleague even attested to the fact that they had been together for over three years.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the matter, acknowledging the report they received in early November. The implicated officer has been summoned for his statement, although he remains on active duty without detention. Meanwhile, Seng Keat has sought refuge at a friend's house to prevent his children from worrying about his injuries. With his wife still absent from the household, his children have been inquiring about her, prompting him to fabricate stories about her work commitments. Nevertheless, he has had no contact with her since their tumultuous encounter.

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