Check On Your Friend | Signs That They May Be Suicidal:



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Check On Your Friend | Signs That They May Be Suicidal:

By MJC97

As we all know with COVID-19, things haven’t been easy for many of us. Many among us are facing traumatic experiences like losing a loved one, losing a job or even going through a financial crisis. These experiences can cause an individual a lot of pain and they might not be ape to express their emotions or find the strength to go through these tough times alone. 

Which is why, we should constantly check in on our friends and family members to make sure that they are okay, and that they know you are there to hep them out. If you feel that they are acting strangely, then try and get them help immediately.

Here are some of the signs out should look out for that indicate to you that your loved one might be suicidal: 

1. Unusual changes in behaviour 

When someone is having thoughts about suicide, they start displaying very unusual behavioural patterns that might not even seem related to depression. 

One example is someone who has been struggling with depression might suddenly seems very happy, calm and at peace. You cannot simply assume that it is because they’re healed so be sure to check up on them! 

2. Emotional detachment

If you friend is feeling suicidal, they may start feeling detached from life, other people and from their normal activities. 

You will start to notice them acting emotionally distant like seeming like they don’t care about anything. They may start to lose interest in the normal things they enjoy.  

3. Dangerous or self-harmful behaviour

If you start to notice that your friend has suddenly start being extra reckless and displaying self-harmful behaviour, then reach out to them immediately. 

You might start noticing that they are driving recklessly or started drinking and using drugs more then usual. These signs indicate that the person no longer sees value in their life.  

4. Making preparations  

While you might not be with them all the time to see them purchasing any items to use to end things, you might notice them putting their personal business in order. 

They might start giving away any personal items, cleaning their room or home and even paying you or their other friends and family members a visit as if to say goodbye. 

5. Changes in sleeping patterns.

When you notice that your friend who normally sleeps less is suddenly sleeping more then usual and just doesn’t want to get out of bed it could be a sign that they are suicidal. Or, the opposite, if they used to sleep more and is suddenly sleeping less, staying up late and so on. 

While it might not be suicide, this person might also be struggling with depression so this is definitely another sign that you should check in on them. 

What to do is someone seems suicidal?

When you start noticing the warning sign that your friend might not be okay, you should immediately do whatever you can to help the person. 

If the person is threatening suicide or talking about it immediately call 999 and get emergency help. 

If you suspect that someone is suicidal and the situation isn’t as urgent as the first one then, talk to them about it. Be compassionate and don’t judge them. Listen to what they have to say, show them that you care and are there for them. 

Try and as them to get help and provide them with a few options like a counsellor’s number, and emergency hotline number or even an email address. Show them that your support them and want to help in any way that you can. 

Befrienders is a non-profit organization providing emotional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to people who are lonely, in distress, in despair, and having suicidal thoughts - without charge.

Those in need of emotional support or just someone to talk to can call the Befrienders Penang at 04-281 5161/1108 or email [email protected].

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