Rambutan Works Magic On Your Skin?! US Beauty Brand Now Putting It In Their Products



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Rambutan Works Magic On Your Skin?! US Beauty Brand Now Putting It In Their Products


You might have never thought of Rambutan as anything more than a tropical fruit that only slightly looks like they‘re a descendant from outer space. 


However, a certain beauty founder from the US, having newly discovered the fruit; has taken her fascination towards it up a notch by actually putting it in her skincare products!


According to Kendra Butler, the founder of Alphyn Beauty; she first discovered the fruit when she visited Vietnam and decided that Rambutan deserves its own appearance in her skincare line. Hence, Alpyn Beauty's Wild Nettle & Niacinamide Firming Serum was born.


 According to multiple studies, here and here, rambutans are chock-full with anti-oxidants and other skincare benefits, including:

• Rambutan peel extract strengthens and hydrates the skin

• Locking in moisture and giving the skin a radiant glow

• Similar benefits to retinol, without the irritation

• Boosting collagen production while also

• Protecting skin from free-radical damage.


The founder of Alphyn Beauty explained that even though Rambutan is their star ingredient, they're not actually putting the whole fruit in the equation— only the leaf extracts. Still, who knew we could've made a multi-million dollar skin care company by putting rambutan in our skincare, if only we thought of it first? 

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