TRUE STORY: Flight Attendant Served A Passenger Who Turned Out To Be Dead All Along



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TRUE STORY: Flight Attendant Served A Passenger Who Turned Out To Be Dead All Along


If you ask a flight attendant whether they've encountered any kind of paranormal activities, the answer would rarely disappoint. Their line of work inevitably exposes them to all sorts of bizarre unexplained encounters that not many might be able to digest.  

Jeenie, a social media influencer who once worked as a flight attendant, shared a rather beautifully haunting ghost story that she encountered some time ago. It goes something like this: 

The story starts when she noticed a passenger and his wife hadn't had anything to drink or eat the entire flight. So she approached the couple asking if there was anything they might need. The wife, ever so gently, refused her offer, although she did eventually ask for a blanket as she felt a little cold.

The wife then opened up about her husband and requested the flight attendant to bring her husband a cup of green tea with milk and sugar once he woke up. To that, she nodded and left the couple alone.

After some time, the flight attendant noticed that the husband had woken up. She proceeded to hand him the cup of green tea just like his wife had asked. To this, the husband's facial expression grew shocked.

The next words that left the husband's lips left the flight attendant awestricken. "My wife passed away last week, and I'm taking her home on this flight." When the flight attendant emphasized that she did in fact encounter a woman who claimed she was his wife, he replied: "I believe you. This is indeed how I usually drink my green tea. I guess my wife was just worried about me."

The flight attendant then simply backed away, still trying to grasp the reality of what just happened to her.


The flight intendant in question, Jennie, had reenacted the eerie moment in a viral video. Watch it below: 

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