American Couple Tried McD's Prosperity Burger & They Liked It



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American Couple Tried McD's Prosperity Burger & They Liked It

By JustineG

American Youtuber Couple, Cindy, and Eddie have been in Malaysia for almost two months now and for the first time, they recently tried McD Malaysia's Prosperity Burger, and guess what? 

They loved it! 

Cindy was wondering why was it called a Prosperity Burger in the first place but answered her own question instead wondering if it's 'cause if you buy the burger you might prosper. Well, to be frank, she was totally right! 

Eddie stated to the camera that the burger smells like a spicy barbecue sauce followed by Cindy saying the burger looks juicy.

She took the first bite and her gleeful expression just says how much she was enjoying the burger.

"It's so good! It's peppery, I didn't expect that," said Cindy.

Whilst when Eddie took the first bite, even he was surprised at how good it tasted.

"It's an interesting flavour. It's like a McDonald's burger but they put a peppery steak sauce in it. It's really good. Very delicious. I can actually see the pepper flakes."

Wew, are glad to know that foreigners enjoy the seasonal burger just as much as we, Malaysians do. 

Well, doesn't this news just make us want to prosper?

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