E-Hailing Driver Cancels Ride, Asks Passenger To "Take An Umbrella & Do Exercise" Due To Short Distance Ride



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E-Hailing Driver Cancels Ride, Asks Passenger To "Take An Umbrella & Do Exercise" Due To Short Distance Ride

By JustineG

Stella Milah, a woman from Sabah, took to Facebook to share her encounter with a male e-hailing driver who reprimanded her for booking a short-distance ride. Her post, which was later re-uploaded on the Facebook group "Meanwhile In Malaysia," quickly went viral.


Expressing her surprise and disappointment, Stella wrote, "This is the first time I got scolded by a Grab driver, so I decided to cancel the ride straight away. I'm sorry, Uncle. The weather is so hot, and I wanted to save some time so I can arrive early at the destination. I'm still paying for the ride. It's not nice to behave that way." In a screenshot shared by Stella, the driver responded by advising her to "take an umbrella and do some exercise."




Netizens on social media were quick to condemn the driver's behaviour, criticizing his lack of empathy. Many pointed out that the passenger might have had valid reasons for booking a short ride, such as carrying heavy items or having mobility issues. Some suggested that the driver should have considered the circumstances before offering unsolicited advice.


Adding to the controversy, the driver, identified as Jenson Chong, reacted unfavourably to Stella's complaint. He demanded a public apology and requested the immediate deletion of her Facebook post. Threatening legal action, he claimed that his privacy had been breached. In response, Stella removed the post.

The incident has sparked discussions among social media users, prompting questions about appropriate behaviour from e-hailing drivers and passenger rights. The public remains divided on the matter, with some calling for stricter regulations and consequences for drivers who display unprofessional conduct.

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