#Lifehack: Here Are 11 Pick-Me-Ups To Try Out Whenever You're Feeling Down



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#Lifehack: Here Are 11 Pick-Me-Ups To Try Out Whenever You're Feeling Down

By ellephant

Sometimes we feel good, and other times, we feel down. 

Feeling depressed or just not great can be very crippling, and we often find ourselves wanting to do anything to aid our emotions. 

Fortunately, before going a step further (if need be), we can always look to nature's anti-depressants. 


Here are 11 pick-me-up hacks to attempt. You have nothing to lose. 

1. Getting some sun

2. Having good sex

3. Walking in the forest

4. Listening to the ocean

5. Meditating


6. Taking breaths

7. Lifting weights

8. Being surrounded by good friends

9. Doing cardio

10. Getting in steps

11. Having nutrient-dense foods

They may not solve everything, but they would certainly make you feel better. Try it out as means to get through the week!


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