WATCH: Ang Mo Speaks Fluent Mandarin To Chinese Uncle At Kampar's Pasar Karat



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WATCH: Ang Mo Speaks Fluent Mandarin To Chinese Uncle At Kampar's Pasar Karat

By sleepingbeauty

We Malaysians are known for our linguistic diversity, but what truly impresses us is when a foreigner makes the effort to learn one of our languages. Recently, a TikToker named Maxwell Carter from New York visited Pasar Karat in Kampar and conversed in Mandarin with one of the vendors. 


While at Kampars famous Pasar Karat, we met the legendary Uncle Chen - Kampars biggest dealer of second-hand rings. You can see the full episode from Kampar on YouTube now! #Kampar #Perak #Malaysia #金宝 #马来西亚

original sound - Maxwell Carver

Not only did he speak fluently, but he also won the heart of the Chinese vendor. In appreciation, the vendor gifted him a ring with a Chinese symbol symbolizing good fortune, happiness, or blessings as a token of their newfound friendship. Netizens were genuinely impressed and commended the American for his Mandarin skills and his cheerful interaction with the locals.

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