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Recipe Sharing | Trending Lettuce Wrap Sandwich Without Bread

By 我是一条酸菜鱼

Trying to start a low carb diet? This Lettuce Wrap Sandwich is a good option for you!  Instead of using bread, just replace the bread with lettuce and here you go a perfect low-carb and healthy sandwich without worrying the calories, and it's a great option for diet lunch as well.  


The lettuce wrap sandwich is simple to make,  just add in any type of ingredients you prefer and you can make it in just a few minutes.  The only trick for this recipe is how to make a lettuce wrap sandwich that doesn’t fall apart? 

Ingredients :

1. Choose 5-8 large pieces of lettuce 

 All green lettuces are suitable to make the wrap, you can select based on your preference, such as romaine lettuce, collard and kale (without the stems), butter lettuce, and Iceberg lettuce.  For one lettuce wrap sandwich, it will need around 5-8 large pieces of lettuce ~ 

2. Choose the fillings

 You can fill your lettuce wrap sandwich with all sorts of ingredients you like, for a healthier choice, I would suggest combining the proteins and healthy spread as an option.  


Protein Options: Salmon, Grilled Chicken, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, Turkey, Ham Slice, Bacon, Cheese.

*If you are worried about excess sodium, you can replace the ham, bacon, and cheese with lower sodium food like chicken breast and fresh veggies.*

Veggies Option: Bell pepper, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, olive, etc

Spread Options: Guacamole spread, mustard, mayo, salsa.  


How to wrap?

The tricky part for this recipe would be how to wrap everything tightly and nicely~ 

1. Lay a large square of parchment/aluminum foil/food plastic wrap down on your work surface.

2. Layer 5-8 large pieces of lettuce in the middle of parchment paper/aluminum foil/food plastic wrap.  

Source: Lexi's Clean Kitchen Video Screenshot

3. Apply the spread of your choice in the middle of the lettuce wrap.

4. Layer other ingredients

5. Using parchment/aluminum foil/food plastic wrap as a guide to roll as tightly as you can, starting with the end closest to you. (Just like you are rolling sushi)

6. Continue to roll the lettuce wrap, keeping it as tight as possible and using the parchment paper to guide you and tuck the ends of the wraps towards the middle. 

7. When it is completely wrapped, roll the remainder of the parchment/aluminum foil/food plastic wrap around the lettuce tightly.

8. Cut the wrap into two halves.  



Let's try to make this simple & quick menu at home for lunch tomorrow! 

For full video recipe, feel free to watch below:-

Source & Photos:  Lexi's Clean Kitchen || Healthy Recipes Blog

Cover photo: || 关晓彤微博

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