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25 days Thigh Challenge | Videos And Full Schedule Included

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Challenge yourself for the 25 days with Chloe Ting's 25 days slim thigh challenge , get yourself moving, burn your body fat and get your inner thighs, butt and waist BURNING! and get into better shape with this challenge!

If you're looking to slim your legs and thighs, this 25-day program is for you! The workout routine is designed to be low intensity and help burn fat, no jump, & squat included, so you are not going to bulk up the legs.

-To get slim legs you need to avoid high intensity-

25 Day Slim Thigh Challenge

Equipment: Fitness Mat, sportswear, water, towel

Duration: The workout is around 10-50 minutes, depends on the schedule each day. 

25 days Full schedule: https://www.chloeting.com/program

There will be a 25 days schedule with all the videos arrangement for each day. Try to follow the schedule designed by Chloe and do all the videos listed for each day. Always follow the low impact versions if you are not used to it until you get stronger, and soon you'll be able to follow along with all the routines!


Source: Chloe Ting

There will be 4 different workout videos for this challenge, just follow the schedule and you can get the results you want in no time!

Episode 1 - Slim Thigh 

Episode 2 - Standing Abs 

Episode 3 - Fat Burn 

Episode 4 - Inner Thigh Burn 

Cool down & Stretch

The full-body cools down & stretch can help relieve the body after the workout and help with the muscle recovery.

Also, It's important to match your eating habits with your exercise plan. To get a better result, try to avoid all the junk food and start eating healthy and clean wholefood.


Source: Chloe IG

Chloe tips:

-Recommend is taking progress photos, same angle, the start of the day, same time, do it once a week. At the end of the program, look at your physical change and also how you FEEL. Feeling stronger, more confident, and happier makes a huge difference in your everyday life and those are things people often forget about.

-Feel free to take a day off or try the low impact version on the lady's special day of the month. Remember, don't push yourself too extreme, it's fine to take some rest

NO PAIN NO GAIN! Now get out of your bed!

Videos & program scheduled by chloeting.com.

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