9 Storage Hacks For Your Long-lasting, Fresh Produce



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9 Storage Hacks For Your Long-lasting, Fresh Produce

By m7py

With your tight budget, you can't afford to let anything in your pantry/fridge go to waste! Here are hacks to store these 9 fresh produce for more days to come.

Leafy greens

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If your spinach, lettuce & kale stays a little over 3 days in the fridge, they'll still end up slimy. Hey, at least there's pressure on you to EAT YOUR GREENS REGULARLY! Still, you can preserve them for a little longer with this trick. 


1- Wash the greens thoroughly.

2- Pat dry with a paper towel. 

3-  Chop to your liking.

4- Store in a airtight container, lined with paper towel.

5- Store upside down in the fridge. This lets the moisture from the bottom to flow to the towel on top. 

Fresh ginger

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With this hack, you can buy ginger in bulk without worrying it will turn bad so fast. 

1- Break the ginger into pieces.

2- Trim the knobs, bumps or humps off it with a knife for easy peel. 

3- Peel the skin off.

4- Cut it into smaller cubes like what you'll use in your usual recipes. 

5- Store in a ziploc bag. Or, use a vacuum sealer to get rid of air pockets & prevent freezer burn. 

Tip: If you need grated ginger, store them in big chunks. It's easier when they're frozen. 


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Try this:

Don't leave them in the plastic bag that they came in. 

-Remove & store in a brown paper bag. Leave in a cool & dry place. 

Or, store together with apples, if you have any at home. It stops them from growing eyes. 

Fresh herbs

Does your heart breaks over wilted herbs that you didn't even get to use? Super easy trick: Wrap them in damp tea towel & store in the fridge.

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But, if you got more hours on your clock, do this:

1- Put your herbs upright in a glass, with an inch of water.

2- Cover the entire glass with a plastic bag & store in your fridge.


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The bottom of the asparagus gets dry as it becomes old. 

So, chop off 1-2 inches of the bottom part & store in a cup of water. Store in the fridge. 


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For fresh ones:

Remove the stalks & store them upside down in an airtight container in your fridge. It will keep moisture from entering.

And, in case you forget about that half-chopped tomato again, try this:

1- Cut a few slits on a container lid.

2- With a rubber band, secure your tomato with its exposed part facing downwards on the lid. 

3- Store in the fridge. 


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This works for strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries to last longer . 

1- Line your airtight container with paper towel. 

2- Wash your berries thoroughly. 

3- Gently pat them dry. Put them in the container & store in your fridge. 


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Get the fruit to ripen or turn brown slower than usual with little do's & don'ts.

- Don't store your banana with other fruits.

- Store the fruit with its side facing down. 

- Keep all the bananas together, preferably attached to their stem. 

- Wrap the stem with cling wrap or aluminium foil. You don't want to let their good gas out!

- When it ripens/turns brown, store in the freezer to keep it fresh.


You waste life when you waste good food. -Katherine Anne Porter

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