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These M’sian Phone Case Labels Are Stealing The Show | Here‘s Why:

A   |   Jun 14, 2021, 19:14   |   544

Forget Casetify, we‘ve got a few homegrown local brands that are just as good as international brands, with half the cost! Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling. 

1. Cases by WF

Cases by WF is known for its exciting collaborations with internationally known artists, local influencers, and brands like Yuna, Velvet Vanity, Cupcake Aisyah, and plenty more. It boasts military-grade protection that will keep your phone scratch-free and shatter-free even if you drop them. 

Instagram | Website 

2. The Loumnna

The Loumnna is a newly launched local brand that brings forth fresh, trendy designs that are both aesthetic and protective. It certainly does help that their case comes with such attractive packaging that it feels almost like a present when you receive it, even if you did buy it yourself. 

Website | Instagram 

3. Mutu Case

Mutu Case is the personification of everything Gen Z in a phone case. Their hip, eccentric designs that every local could resonate with is their main selling point, along with their affordability, of course. 

Instagram | Shopee

4.  Case Look

This is the place to go if you're looking for sleek, minimalistic, and personalized phone cases that are uniquely yours. From the colour of the casing to the words engrained on it, you have complete creative authority on how you want your phone case to look.

Website | Instagram 

5. Catto Resin

Catto Resin is an independent small business that specializes in intricately made resin phone cases. If you detect any design you like, you're advised to be quick because they sell out fast!


You can never have too many phone cases and now's a good time as any to support local brands, yes? If you have a clear phone case that has gotten yellow, we've got a few tricks here that'd help fix it up. 


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