7 Steps to Pop Your Pimple WITHOUT Scarring Your Face



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7 Steps to Pop Your Pimple WITHOUT Scarring Your Face

By ellephant

Under no circumstance should you be popping your pimple, but alas, we hardly spend our lives following the rules we should. 


Because of that, if you must absolutely squeeze that zit, best follow the steps below, in order to leave as little to no scars as possible. If not, you could just live to regret your itchy fingers. 


1. Wash your hands


Before you start, be sure to wash your hands with soap, and dry them off. This way, there won't be any bacteria on your fingers, when you touch your face. 

2. Clean the area around your pimple


Using a cotton pad soaked with alcohol (preferably), clean the area around the pimple, to remove all sorts of dirt on your skin. 

3. Soak a cloth with warm water and hold over pimple


A hot compress on your pimple, will help reduce the inflammation, soften the pimple, and bring the pus to the surface, making it easier to come out. 

4. Use a sterilized needle


After sterilizing a needle, gently poke/nudge the pimple, in order to make way for the pus to come out. 

5. Cotton swabs/Q-tips


The pus should automatically be flowing out after step 4, but if not, using cotton swabs or Q-tips, apply very gentle pressure on both sides.

6. Apply toner/drying agent


Once all done, be sure to apply toner or a drying agent on the area, in order to ensure no further pimples appear in the future. 

7. Do not force it


Last but the most important of all, if your pimple isn't ripe or ready to be popped, do not by any means force it out. This will definitely leave behind a scar. 

Those are the 7 steps to follow, if you feel like you need to pop your pimple and not leave an ugly mark in turn.

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