Local Woman Shares the Reality of Living in Cameron Highlands and It Isn’t as Pretty as We Expected



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Local Woman Shares the Reality of Living in Cameron Highlands and It Isn’t as Pretty as We Expected

By MJC97

Ever since the travel ban was lifted, Malaysians have been causing a lot of traffic jams on all the federal highways every weekend. Travelling from KL to Penang is like travelling from Johor to Perlis.  

The most visited place, hence the most jammed road is the one that leads to Cameron Highlands. Since the rainy season is gone in most states, locals are willing to be stuck in the jam for hours just to enjoy the cool air in Cameron Highlands.  

Recently, a TikTok video went viral after a user named @nraliia shared the reality of living as a local in Cameron Highlands and it isn’t all peaceful cool air and calming greenery.  

Based on the video, here are some of the struggles local face on a daily basis: 

#1 Cold Floors 

Locals must buy extra socks to be worn around the house because of how cold the floors get.


#2 Frozen Oil 

Yes, the cold temperatures at Cameron Highlands have the ability to freeze bottles of oil! Locals are forced to spend more time cooking than usual because of the frozen oil!  


#3 Cold Water 

On hot days, there’s nothing better than a nice cold shower. But at Cameron Highlands, a cold shower is never a good idea! 


Locals have to bathe with hot water every day! Imagine their electricity bills! 

#4 Cold Food 

The only cold food I would eat is sushi, sadly for those in Cameron Highlands, they are used to either eating very fast before the food cools down or eating all their food cold.  


#5 Cold Nights 

While some might find this amazing especially in Malaysia, locals don’t really love it. They have to wear double blankets because it gets too cold at nights.  


After her post, many netizens shared their thoughts in the comments section of the video. Some shared their experiences when living there and some even found the video funny. Here are some of their comments: 



While these so-called harsh realities don’t really seem too harsh for us, imagine having to live through that every day! After a while, I’m pretty sure the excitement of it all fades off.  

Most of you will probably disagree, so remember the English proverb: the grass always seems greener on the other side.  

Here's the video

>> https://www.tiktok.com/@nraliia/video/7039683454115597594?referer_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thevocket.com%2F&referer_video_id=7039683454115597594&refer=embed <<

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Just another human, trying to survive.



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