SHOCKING: "My Wife Doesn't Wanna Have Sex!" Local Man Shocked To Find Wife & Girl Best Friend Having An Affair



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SHOCKING: "My Wife Doesn't Wanna Have Sex!" Local Man Shocked To Find Wife & Girl Best Friend Having An Affair

2 Weeks ago
By sleepingbeauty

We've come across numerous affair stories, but this one is genuinely shocking. According to an anonymous post, a local man shared the troubles in his marriage. He explained that he and his wife tied the knot in January after knowing each other for less than a year.

They initially met while working in the same company but in different departments. The man then revealed that his wife has a close female friend from the past.

A week ago, while using his wife's laptop, he discovered that she forgot to log out of her WhatsApp web. To his surprise, he noticed a pinned chat with the contact name "Love." Assuming it was him, he opened the chat only to find out it was her best friend.

As he scrolled through the messages, he found numerous pictures and videos of the two, revealing that his wife is romantically involved with her best friend, making her the "girlfriend".

This revelation left him speechless and heartbroken. He then realized the reason behind the lack of intimacy in their marriage. His wife had repeatedly denied him sex, claiming she wasn't ready. 

He patiently and understandingly respected her wishes, unaware of the actual situation. Feeling played and used, he shared this ridiculous but painful story.

Empathizing with him, we wonder, if this were you, what would you do?

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