Removing a Tattoo | 7 Myths which are Actually UNTRUE



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Removing a Tattoo | 7 Myths which are Actually UNTRUE

By ellephant

Getting tattoos bring one type of thrill, but when we outgrow the designs we once loved, removing them can be a rather physically and mentally trying process. 

As a matter of fact, the whole procedure has constantly been made to sound scary, but we're here today, to debunk some of the biggest myths you have spent your whole life believing, regarding getting tattoos removed. 

Check our list below!

1. They leave a scar behind  

Possibly one of the biggest myths with laser tattoo removal, is scarring. But, we're here to tell you that the chances of scarring to happen are extremely minimal, if you have a good professional by your side. 

So long as the PIC gives proper time windows for your skin to heal in between sessions, it is very unlikely you'll be scarred. 

2. They burn your skin  

Laser technology in the past may have had higher chances at burning the skin. However, with the very much advanced technology in today's day and age, the chances of having laser burn your skin are actually extremely slim to none. 

3. All tats are easy to remove  

All tattoos are removable, but not all tattoos are easy to remove. How difficult or long the process takes really is dependent on your own tattoo, the colors used, the age of the tattoo, the number of sessions and the expertise of the person doing it. 

Each one is different.

4. Black ink is the hardest/most impossible to remove  

If you're using logic, then yeah it would make sense that black be the hardest to remove, what with being the darkest shade and all. But if you're using chemistry, then black is in actual fact the easiest color to remove. 

5. It's more painful than getting one done  

Opposite to popular believe, the process of removing a tattoo actually hurts lesser than getting one done. Many have described it as a rubber band being snapped on skin. 

Besides that, they are also anesthetics, numbing creams, etc. that can help reduce the pain altogether. 

6. Maybe try tattoo removal creams  

This unfortunately do not work. They may fade your tattoo, but no amount of topical cream can get a tattoo removed. The only way to properly break down the ink particles on skin, is laser. 

7. I can get them removed in one session  

If you think getting one removed is just as easy as getting one, this is where you'd be wrong. Unfortunately in order to properly break down the tattoo ink on skin, you would have to sit through a few sessions. 

Removing tattoos do hurt, but they are bearable, have minimal aftereffects, and help you not live with regrets. So. why not right?

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