Not A Fan Of Shein? Check Out These 6 M'sian Online Stores Fit For Your OOTD Needs!



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Not A Fan Of Shein? Check Out These 6 M'sian Online Stores Fit For Your OOTD Needs!

By Ayunie

Fellow shopaholics,

In case you're sick of shopping at SHEIN, or you've decided to stop spending your money there for principle reasons, we've got a few alternatives to the giant shopping platform with equally cute af outfits, no cap. 

What's great about them is that they're all locally operated so no more waiting for 1 week ++ to receive your parcels and of course, free shipping deals! So yes, you can still save some money even if you're not shopping at SHEIN. 

Let's take a look at them:

1. Hook Clothing | click HERE to shop!

2. Poppyland Co | click HERE to shop!

3. Shop Freyja | click HERE to shop!

4. L STUDIO | click HERE to shop!

5. Shop Summerveil | click HERE to shop!

6. Hey It's Friday! | click HERE to shop!

7. Bash Clothing  | click HERE to shop!

We know, you're probably squirming with excitement looking at these outfits. In the spirit of payday, go and add whatever you desire to cart. Gotta look cute for your next brunch date, no? 

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