PM Anwar Ibrahim Says Please Don't Give Him Anymore Gifts



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PM Anwar Ibrahim Says Please Don't Give Him Anymore Gifts

By Ayunie

"No more gifts please!"

Insisting that this practise end, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has asked all parties to cease giving him presents. PM Anwar stated that while he recognised the good intentions, such a practise is in conflict with the moral principles of governance and leadership, stating that it's only a burden for the rakyat. 

Previously, the Prime Minister came under scrutiny for wearing a branded shoes that costs more than the average Malaysian's minimum wage, in which he disputed saying it was a gift from the Sultan of Johor. He had also refused a Mercedes s600 and chose to commute using his Toyota Camry as the official car for the prime minister.

What other changes do you expect from our new Prime Minister? Let's discuss!

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