WATCH: UPM Students Showcase Stellar Dance Moves Of Popular Tamil & Hindi Songs



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WATCH: UPM Students Showcase Stellar Dance Moves Of Popular Tamil & Hindi Songs

By JustineG

Malaysias rich tapestry of diversity and vibrant culture takes centre stage once again as students from UPM (University Putra Malaysia) deliver a mesmerizing performance at their cultural night event, Bollynaach Showdown.

A video posted by @ngaishu26 has gone viral, captivating viewers with the student's stellar dance routines set to popular Tamil and Hindi songs.

The highlight of the performance was their awe-inspiring choreography of the iconic Ra Ra song from the movie Chandramukhi.

The dancers skillfully blended traditional Indian dance form Bharatanatyam into their routine, adding a touch of grace and elegance. It definitely captures the infectious energy radiating from the stage, eliciting cheers and support from the enthralled audience.

Not stopping at just one outstanding performance, the students continued their dance extravaganza with a lively rendition of the famous Bollywood track Kala Chashma.

@ngaishu26 Bollynaach Showdown 4.0 UPM #upm #fyp original sound - Moonwalks.__

This upbeat song compelled everyone to join in and let loose with its contagious rhythm. The student's flawless execution and synchronized movements left viewers in awe.

The visual spectacle was further enhanced by the captivating costumes worn by the dancers. Every detail was meticulously crafted, captivating the eyes of onlookers and adding to the overall allure of the performance.

The viral video has garnered widespread admiration and praise, as netizens commend the students for their exceptional talent, dedication, and the celebration of cultural diversity.

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