These 6 Lines Are NOT Apologies



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These 6 Lines Are NOT Apologies

By ellephant

'I'm sorry'. 

It takes a lot of a person to apologize don't you think? It is literally two words, it can solve some of the biggest problems of the world, and yet, many just cannot seem to bring themselves to it. 

But don't be mistaken though, people who are too egoistic to say they are sorry, are NOT the worse kind of people. Surprised? Let us explain.  

The worse kind of people, are those who say they are sorry, without actually saying they are sorry. As a matter of fact, when you look closely, it is merely an apology in disguise, if you will.

Have you ever experienced it? Check and see. 

#1 "I'm sorry, but..."  

I'm sorry, but I'm sorry followed by a but, is not an apology. It is an attempt of a person trying to justify their actions, instead of genuinely apologizing for them. 

#2 "It is not my fault you see it that way"  

A person is entitled to their feelings. So if someone tells you they are not okay, or they are hurt, you accept, you understand and you apologize. Piece of cake, really. 

#3 "I don't know why you're making this a big deal"  

Again, not an apology. If something feels monumental to you, no one else can say otherwise. It is you who is feeling what you're feeling, and it is valid, even if someone else isn't okay with that. 

#4 "You know how much I love you"  

Um, okay, but that doesn't translate to an 'I'm sorry'. Just because someone loves you, that doesn't mean they do not have to acknowledge, and respect your feelings of hurt. Love doesn't heal wounds or erase mistakes. 

#5 "Can we just forget it?"  

"No, no we cannot. I mean, if we could just forget it, then I wouldn't have brought it up right?". Don't let them brush your feelings and thoughts aside, just because they've got no balls to own up to their shit. 

#6 "I'm sorry that you feel that way"  

A person doesn't need to be sorry that you felt a certain way. People can't control feelings, they are involuntary, and it is not your fault. Don't let them make it seem like it is. 

At the end of the day, "I'm sorry", is as clear as day, a standalone. There shouldn't be anything else that follows thereafter, except for remorse and actual change.  

So, when someone says to you either of these 6 lines, or any other line that shifts blame from them to you, no. Just no. 

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