Adidas X Gucci’s RM7,190 Umbrella Isn’t Waterproof, It Is Only For Blocking The Sun!



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Adidas X Gucci’s RM7,190 Umbrella Isn’t Waterproof, It Is Only For Blocking The Sun!

By MJC97

A few days ago, Adidas, the famous sports brand and Gucci, the boujee brand announced that they were collaborating on a brand new Adidas x Gucci collection with apparel that gives you a hardcore nostalgia. This new collection will be released on the 7th of June 2022.  

Part of the collected, besides all the tracksuits and bags, was an umbrella with a blue and red interlocking G and Trefoil print that costs RM7,190. To really make it extra boujee, the handle is made from birchwood and it has Gucci's iconic G engraved into the handle!

While it is still not available, many have started adding their names to the waiting list for the products. However, while going through the product descriptions, many noticed something rather peculiar - the umbrella was labelled as non-waterproof!  

According to the product details, the umbrella is not waterproof and it is only meant for sun protection or decorative use. 

Netizens definitely had something to say about this:
This was what most of the comments were about. Many were in disbelief that such a useless umbrella actually exists and costs so much!

This person actually has a point! What of it is all just a publicity stunt! 

To rectify the issue, the umbrella is now listed as a "Sun Umbrella" on the website. 

There is also another umbrella that is made from nylon that is actually waterproof which costs RM 9300 is around RM2200 more than the "Sun Umbrella". So for those really desperate for a fancy umbrella, go ahead and buy it. I'm going to be using the umbrella I bought from Eco Shop, which barely cost RM 3...

Tag someone who is boujee enough to buy the "Sun Umbrella" in the comments sections!

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