Husband Has 4 Wives: Local Woman Shares Reality of Being In Polygamous Marriage



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Husband Has 4 Wives: Local Woman Shares Reality of Being In Polygamous Marriage

By MJC97

As we all know, Muslims in Malaysia are allowed to have more than one wife.  We, on the outside looking in, might worry about the expenses, how the husband would divide his time and attention among 4 wives and also about all the drama that could potentially pop up.  

Although, based on our previous article, we understand that it costs a lot of money, some people who have the financial ability to do so may actually enjoy it. 

A Tiktok user with the username @dylazahid, recently shared a series of videos about her polygamous relationship with her husband who including her, has 4 wives.  

Through a series of videos uploaded on her TikTok page, it is understood that her husband takes turns switching between each wives' houses every two weeks.  

According to Dyla, when it was her turn to be with her husband, she has to pick up her husband from his other wife's home to take him to her home. The same thing is done by his other wives too every 2 weeks.  

"Each wife must come and fetch our husband ourselves because he has bought each of us our own car," she stated in the video.

In a follow up video, she shared that in the video, she is picking up her husband from his 3rd wife's house.  

While some netizens praised the husband for providing each wife with necessities equally, some don't really like the idea of being in a polygamous relationship.

Here are some of their comments:

Watch the videos here:

So what do you think? Would you be able to be in a polygamous relationship or marriage? 

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