Genius IKEA Hacks To Solve All Your Storage Problems | For Small Spaces



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Genius IKEA Hacks To Solve All Your Storage Problems | For Small Spaces

By m7py

You probably run to IKEA for a good piece of furniture for your space! But, if you own a limited amount of space, don't just add bulky furniture. Instead, use these hacks to make the most out of what you have. 

1) Use storage cubes as your kitchen island

Some kitchens might not have a proper kitchen island. So, add a wooden top onto a storage cube and you have an island to use. 

2) Store your kitchen supplies in a storage wheelie

Storage wheelies are really useful to keep your supplies. In fact, you could use one in your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen as well. 

3) Add a filing unit to your cupboard doors

Maximise the use of your cupboards. Just attach a filing unit and store your small items for safe keeping. 

4) Repurpose bed slats;center,top&resize=980:*

Use bed slats to hold plants, fairy lights, or photos in your bedroom. It's both creative and affordable. 

Make sure to use these IKEA hacks to solve your storage problems. 

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