Valentine's Is Coming Up And We've Got A Gift That Might Just Last Forever



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Valentine's Is Coming Up And We've Got A Gift That Might Just Last Forever

By ellephant

Love day is in 10 days time and as per ush, those who have partners sit and wonder just what they can get their loved ones. 

From flowers, to chocolates, special accessories, and practically anything which could make a gift, the list is long, and can more often than not become repetitive.  

That being said, we usually keep our eyes peeled for the next best thing you can get your significant other, and after some research, reviews as well as trend-watching, we think we've got it. 

Your gift this Valentine's should be flowers - no not the normal ones - lego flowers. 

We are quite literally impressed and here's why.  

#1 They never die

Unlike normal flowers which eventually dry out or wither away, these flowers will look exactly the way they were when you first bought them. 

#2 They're adorbs

They are cute asf, and has a very futuristic appeal to it.  

#3 They're a fun activity

Besides just buying them, you get to spend your time building them with your boo. A cute V-day activity much?

#4 They're worth your money

The original lego can be on the pricier end, however, on the bright side you know for sure they'd last for a long time, thus making it your money's worth.  

Don't fret though, for there are much cheaper options for those who can't quite afford to get OG lego. For instance, go onto shopee, type in lego flowers, and voila.

Happy Valentine's shopping yguys!  

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