"Proton Wira Goes International!" Malaysian Adventurer Drives Proton Wira From Malaysia To Tibet, Crossing 11 Countries in Epic Journey



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"Proton Wira Goes International!" Malaysian Adventurer Drives Proton Wira From Malaysia To Tibet, Crossing 11 Countries in Epic Journey


A local man, Fauwaz Zamzam, has been driving a Proton Wira, a Malaysian-made car, all the way from Malaysia to Tibet, China, crossing Thailand and Laos over the past 11 days, and his journey is not over yet!



According to reports from "Sin Chew Daily" and "Harian Metro", in conjunction with the "2024 Malacca Tourism Year", the Malacca State Government, in collaboration with Aimpro Samudra Resources, organized a "Malaysia-Mecca Friendship Journey" activity, with a total of 20 people from various backgrounds forming a convoy to travel by road to the holy city of Mecca, and Fauwaz is one of the participants.


The convoy consists of various modes of transportation, including four motorcycles and six cars, one of which is the first Malaysian-made motorcycle, Modenas Kriss 110, and another is the Proton Wira LHD Sedan driven by Fauwaz Zamzam.



The convoy departed on March 23 and arrived in Tibet, China on April 2. In addition to Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos, they will next traverse China, heading to Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, with plans to arrive in Mecca on April 27. The entire journey will cover over 15,000 kilometres, crossing 11 countries, making it extremely challenging.


Fauwaz Zamzam continues to update this journey on Facebook:

March 23: The convoy departed at 8 a.m. and entered Thailand at 11:30 p.m.

March 24: Drove 550 km to Chumpon, slept for 3 hours, then continued to Kamphaeng Saen, heading towards Phitsanulok.

March 25-26: Continued the journey.

March 27: Entered Laos from Thailand's Chiang Kong to Luang Namtha, encountered a punctured tyre due to a road hole, after resolving the issue, continued the journey to China.

March 28: Continued the journey, arrived at the Laos-China border, expecting a 10-day journey covering 3,600 km in China, estimated to arrive in Nepal on April 7.

March 29: Entered China.

March 31: Traveled 450 km from Nanjian, China to Shangri-La, Yunnan.

April 1: Arrived in Shangri-La, Yunnan, embarked on a 395 km journey to Mangkang, Tibet, considering various factors including winding roads, cold weather, low oxygen levels, vehicle control on curves, and "black ice" on the road.

April 2: Arrived in Tibet.






Malacca Chief Minister Ab Rauf Yusoh revealed that during this journey, participants will also distribute flyers to promote the 2024 Malacca Tourism Year, spreading the name of Malacca to various parts of the world. It is reported that the total cost of this journey is estimated to be RM580,000, with the Malacca State Government contributing RM100,000.

Wishing them a safe and smooth journey back!


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