Malaysian Woman Rejects Hawker, Claims 'No Future' For Street Vendors



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Malaysian Woman Rejects Hawker, Claims 'No Future' For Street Vendors

By Dhiviya

Tantan Confessions Malaysia, a Facebook group, released screenshots of an anonymous man's interaction with a girl he met on an online dating app. According to the screenshots, the male appears to have swiped right on the woman not long ago, but things soon went south after that.  

When asked about his job, he replied, "a hawker that sells desserts & chee cheong fun."

The woman who works as a beautician stated that she is fussy when it comes to finding a mate.

The male voiced his desire for their relationship to blossom, but the woman subtly replied 'no'.

The man inquired about her level of pickiness. She responded by saying, "I'm not looking for people with no future, such as Grab drivers, hawkers, truck drivers, and so on. I don't want to go through it with them." 

She went on to say, "I can't imagine how will things be if I have to worry (financially) about the end of the month, at the beginning of every month with you."

Later, she stated her desire to proceed just as a friend with the man, who later accepted the "friendzone" moniker and advised them not to go too far.

The anonymous confession has sparked discussion among netizens, notably how the woman reacted when she realised she was speaking with a hawker.

"The hawkers I know earn a lot of money. You have not seen enough, little child. "Stay single then," a fellow netizen joked.

"People might not look at hawkers but once you know how much they earn, you'll be surprised," one person said.

Given her poor opinion of other people's careers, others recommended the man not to retain his friendship with the aforementioned female at all.

Finally, a netizen whose mother works as a hawker revealed how well she is doing. "My mother is a hawker who has raised my brothers and me while still paying off the house debt. A hawker can earn more than five figures each month if their business is successful."

Source: World Of Buzz

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