M'sian Pays RM30 For Nasi Campur With Chicken & Fish, Many Claim He Lacks Ordering Skills



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M'sian Pays RM30 For Nasi Campur With Chicken & Fish, Many Claim He Lacks Ordering Skills

By sleepingbeauty

A Malaysian man had quite a surprise during his recent visit to a Nasi Campur stall when he was presented with a bill totalling RM30 for his order. Here's a breakdown of his order:

- Ikan Bawal (RM15)

- Ayam L (RM10)

- White Rice (RM2)

- Kicap Bawang (RM1.50)

Perplexed by the price, he questioned whether this was a fair charge. Uncertain whether he had been overcharged, he contemplated his lunch, hoping it would at least be delicious.

His concern arose after an anonymous fellow Malaysian shared with him that he too was charged unfairly by paying RM24 for a plate of Nasi Campur comprising a spoonful of Rendang Kerang, Sotong, and White Rice, with no beverages included. 

This revelation left him astonished, questioning the perceived expensiveness of the meal despite its delectable taste.


It's no secret that the prices of takeaway mixed rice dishes have been steadily increasing. Many patrons now demand transparency in pricing, as they often feel they're paying more than they should for the portions they receive.

However, some diners have taken a different approach, suggesting that avoiding protein choices like chicken, fish, or seafood while dining out and opting for vegetables may prove more cost-effective. And also claimed that the man might lack ordering skills as he should known to be charged as such since he took two expensive proteins.


What are your thoughts on these meal prices? Do you believe they are reasonable, or do you suspect overcharging? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

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