WATCH: "It's Just A Small Matter Lah!" Father Assaults & Threatens Teacher After His Son Was Caught Smoking Weed In Sabah School



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WATCH: "It's Just A Small Matter Lah!" Father Assaults & Threatens Teacher After His Son Was Caught Smoking Weed In Sabah School

By JustineG

No doubt, parents will always come to the rescue of their children when they get into trouble. But what should a parent do if their child is caught doing something wrong?

Just recently in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, a father was arrested after berating and threatening a teacher for taking action against his child, who was allegedly caught smoking weed on school premises. 

According to news reports, the 49-year-old father was detained following a police report filed by the involved teacher who is said to have apprehended the student, who was about to sit for the (SPM) examination, in the school restroom. 

After being apprehended by the teacher, the student reportedly contacted his father, who then came to the school and attempted to assault the teacher. 

"Tensions escalated when the man arrived in an angry state, alleging that the teacher had assaulted his son. The teacher explained the actual incident involving the student, but the father could not accept it and proceeded to verbally abuse and rampage within the school premises," he said. 

What's more concerning is that the student's father allegedly acted aggressively, including pushing and choking the teacher, nearly causing her to fall. The teacher also mentioned that the student had been causing a lot of trouble at school and was caught red-handed infusing weed into his vape. 

Despite being expelled earlier, the student returned to school to sit for his SPM papers. However, once he was caught again, the teacher refused to allow him to sit for the exam as a form of punishment.

Kota Kinabalu District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zaidi Abdullah, confirmed the incident, stating that the suspect was arrested under Section 506 of the Penal Code for making threats against the school teacher. Additionally, Sabah State Education Department Director, Datuk Raisin Saidin, mentioned that the student in question is still allowed to sit for the SPM despite being expelled from the school.

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