Color-Themed Weeding | Wedding Color Scheme That Make Your Wedding Looks Extraordinary



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Color-Themed Weeding | Wedding Color Scheme That Make Your Wedding Looks Extraordinary

By Jada

How to choose the perfect wedding colour? Choosing between wedding colour schemes can be difficult. But as long as these colours are matched, each couple can have a suitable wedding colour scheme!

1. Magenta, navy dark blue and black  

These rich colours are perfect for creating a chic feel at an autumn wedding. Black bridesmaid dress contrasts with the bridal gown. A little orange will add extra warmth to the moody colour scheme.

2. Gold, dark green, ivory

 When paired with shimmering golden yellow and dark green shades, the result is an ideal combination for forest-themed charming weddings. Ivory is the perfect base for this colour combination.

Candles and aromas can be used to illuminate the table with soft light, keeping it elegant while avoiding the table looking too cluttered.

3. Red, Navy and Gold

A combination of navy with red and gold, has a completely royal atmosphere, while gold adds a bit of luxury.

4.Gold, green and wine red  

A classic wedding usually uses a combination of silver, gold and wine-red colours. The leaves on the long-stemmed roses would act as a beautiful complement to bridesmaid dresses.

5. Cyan, peach and violet

Cyan, peach and violet can go together to create a beautiful wedding. The cyan bridesmaid dress matched with the table flag. The peach and violet colour on the bride's bouquet even praised her gorgeousness and beauty.

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