Things You Must Know Before Entering Marriage | Make A Decision Through Careful Consideration



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Things You Must Know Before Entering Marriage | Make A Decision Through Careful Consideration

By Jada

It is certainly joyful that the couple can get married together. However, marriage is a matter of two families. 

It requires careful consideration and in-depth understanding before making a decision, so as to avoid a ruin of marriage in the future.

#1. Place Of Residence After Marriage

Where do you plan to live after marriage? Live with your parents or to buy a new house?

This involves factors such as the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law as well as financial pressure.

#2. Both Families

Different values and opinions may exist between your native family and the family of your partner. 

You must first make the possible issues clear to each other, and solve them as much as possible.

#3. Economic Status

If you plan to enter the marriage, you must confess your personal assets to the other party, 

such as you'll need to decide whether the property is managed and used jointly or separately. 

Besides, you will also have to decide whether personal and family debts are to be borne jointly or separately.

We'd suggest to address these sensitive issues first to avoid future misunderstandings.   

#4. Living Habit

The living habits of the two couples are essentially different. You will have plenty of communications with your partner regarding each's behaviour, what can be tolerated and what behaviour that are unacceptable to avoid too many arguments.

#5. Future Plan

Both parties should talk about their goals within the next ten years and their career plans for a deeper understanding.

#6. Babies?

Another discussion that ought to be brought up in any marriage. 

Whether or not if you plan to have children in the future, and who will be responsible for taking care of the child, as well as the the cost of it, future education, etc. 

#7. Housework

The seemingly simple housework is often the culprit that destroys many relationships. 

Both of you must agree in advance on the distribution of housework.

#8. Medical History

It's good to be frank on your existing and past physical and mental illnesses because there are some genetic diseases that can affect fertility. 

It is not easy to get into a relationship, and it takes even more effort to maintain the relationship. Both parties must be able to accept each other, support each other, and love each other in order to continue their love relationship for a long time to go.

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