Boys Who Predicted Of COVID-19 | One Disappeared & One Predicted The End Date Of COVID-19



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Boys Who Predicted Of COVID-19 | One Disappeared & One Predicted The End Date Of COVID-19

By Jada

Other than the well-known deceased psychics, the following two boys also predicted the emergence of Covid-19. One of them also received great attention from the late famous scholar Hawking.

Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in a small and remote place in Russia. He was able to speak when he was only 4 months old. He grew about two times faster than the average child. His parents were also surprised by him and they knew that their baby must be different from others. When Boriska was 3-4 years old, he began talking about major cosmic galaxy events, and he even painted planet symbols and pictures on the walls of his home.  
Photo source: Daily Mercury

The planet he talked about is dominated by Mars, and he told his parents that he comes from the ancient civilization of earth, and he often travelled back and forth between Mars and the earth to do business. He also mentioned that most Martians were destroyed by a disaster, but they will return to Earth again. Not only that, but he can also talk about the culture and progress of Lemuria, a mysterious country 800,000 years ago. How did he know that as there is very little information about Lemuria? Boriska also mentioned that Mars has a close relationship with the sphinx in Egypt.  
Photo Source: Space Facts

Boriska predicted accurately the three disasters happened in 2011 such as the Japanese tsunami, the floods in Thailand, and the floods in New York. A critical prediction is a major disaster that occurs on the mainland in 2020, but the biggest disaster will occur in 2050. Such a mysterious boy aroused the great attention of British physicist Hawking who called on everyone not to ignore the boy's predictions and astronomical knowledge. It is a pity that Boriska disappeared silently and mysteriously, and no one has found him.  
Photo Source: The Atlantic

Recently, a prophecy video of an Indian boy, called Abighya Anand on the Internet has begun to spread wildly. In August 2019, he had predicted that starting in November, mankind would face an explosive pandemic, and rich countries would experience an unprecedented economic recession. Currently, he is known as the youngest prophet in the world. 

Video Source: YouTube channel of Conscience

In March 2020, he updated another video, in which he mentioned that what human beings are facing now is the consequences of Karma. Human's cruelty to animals is the main reason for all scourges. Most importantly, he once again predicted that the virus will begin to disappear by the end of May, but there will not be much good news until the end of June. He also gave everyone a few points that can prevent the virus. The first is to have a religious belief. The second is to maintain hygiene at all times. The third is to be calm and have a healthy diet to boost the immune system. 

Video Source: YouTube channel of Conscience

Cover photo: Daily Mercury | YouTube channel of Conscience

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