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Free Apps | Learn New Languages With Native Speakers

By m7py

Make use of all the free time you have at home this MCO by learning a NEW LANGUAGE! French, Italian, Korean, or Thai- it will definitely come in handy one day.

 And, you don't have to do it alone! Instead, go on these 4 language exchange apps & learn from native speakers themselves through active communication. How cool is that?

1- HelloTalk

It's one of the top apps with over 20 million users from more than 150 countries worldwide to date. You may send photos, emojis, or even doodles via the chat feature. Voice messages & phone calls are for free! 

You can set only one target language for the free version. To master more languages, subscribe to the Premium membership. 

Source: Instagram

Download on iOS | Android

2- Bilingua

You'll get to develop a deep connection with your partner by having in-depth conversations. Thanks to its modern interface, it matches you to a learner with similar personalities, language levels & interests. 

Who knows you might even meet a bestie/study buddy on this app?

Source: Instagram

Download on iOS | Android

3- Tandem

They call it the "Tinder" for language exchange! It's suitable for those who want a quick start in language learning. The slick, easy-to-navigate app has a handy "correct this message" feature where you can easily fix your partner's error without having to halt the conversation. 

Feel free to leave reviews for your partners if you had a good time speaking to them.

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Download on iOS | Android

4- Speaky

If you prefer connecting with people instantly (like in 5 minutes), try this app. Feel free to message anyone you want to engage with. You cannot video chat or call each other, however. It is suitable for introverts. And, there's a safety feature, where you can hide your profile from the opposite gender. 

Source: Instagram

Download on iOS | Android

Don't be shy & turn into a multilingual queen/king from the comfort of your home!

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