Charles & Keith - Chinese Valentine’s Day Gift Guide



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Charles & Keith - Chinese Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By yiyingxx

Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) is on this coming Saturday, which is 14th of August! If you are still wondering what you could purchase for your girlfriend, Charles & Keith have provided a gift guide for you! We believe your loved one would definitely fall in love with these bags! So hurry up to have a look at them.

1. Double Handle Shoulder Bag

Price: RM319.90

Colors: Light Pink, Sand, Black

Purchase link: Double Handle Shoulder Bag - Light Pink  

2. Beaded Strap Ruched Trapeze Bag

Price: RM369.90

Colors: White, Navy

Purchase link: Beaded Strap Ruched Trapeze Bag - White  

3. Double Handle Trapeze Tote

Price: RM259.90

Colors: Light Pink, Light Blue

Purchase Link: Double Handle Trapeze Tote - Light Pink  

4. Chain Handle Quilted Long Wallet

Price: RM199.90

Colors: Cream, Light Pink, Dark Green, Black

Purchase Link: Chain Handle Quilted Long Wallet - Cream  

5. Multicolour Card Holder

Price: RM59.90

Color: Light Pink

Purchase Link: Multicolour Card Holder - Light Pink  

6. Snap Button Card Holder

Price: RM129.90

Colors: White, Pink, Lilac, Navy

Purchase Link: Snap Button Card Holder - White  

It is never too late to buy a present. If you would like to view more Valentine’s products, you may visit Charles & Keith Official Website!

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