Most Ideal Time To Do Your Covid-Test | For Accurate Results



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Most Ideal Time To Do Your Covid-Test | For Accurate Results

By m7py

With the rise of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, it is advisable for the public to do the RTK test at home as frequently as possible.

However, some might note that the test results are changing and it is hard to detect accurately.,width-650,imgsize-537747,,resizemode-4,quality-100/while-rapid-antigen-tests-detect-viral-protein-the-rt-pcr-tests-detect-viral-rna-or-its-genetic-material-.jpg

According to specialist Dr Arisman Abdul Rahman, it is best to do your saliva or swab test 3 to 5 days after there are already symptoms. 

Check his detailed explanation here:

Your body will have a higher viral load during that time and you will start experiencing symptoms. Thus, the result will be more accurate. 

Here are the exact times you should take the self-test:
- the first day that symptoms appear

- the third day of being symptomatic

- the third day as a close contact, whether symptomatic or not

So, make sure you do your self-test at the right time! Stay safe and take care. 

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