【Tips】 Is your home Wi-Fi network secure? Top 5 tips to protect home Wi-Fi network!



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【Tips】 Is your home Wi-Fi network secure? Top 5 tips to protect home Wi-Fi network!


Everyone have Wi-Fi at home but we are not aware of how secure is our home Wi-Fi router. We must take some actions to keep our home Wi-Fi from being misused by outsiders. What can you do to protect your network? Jabatan Penerangan Negeri Johor has introduce some tips to secure our home Wi-Fi recently through Facebook. Come follow the steps with me!

#Tips 1

Change the username and password provided by the Wi-Fi provider to your own name and password

#Tips 2

Turn off the Wi-Fi network if leave home

#Tips 3

Enable wireless network encryption to protect your network data

#Tips 4

Use firewall software to protect digital devices at home

#Tips 5

Make sure your router software is up to date for internet network security in your home


These simple steps are really useful to secure our home Wi-Fi. Let's protect our personal data! Say No to outsiders to access our home Wi-Fi!

Thanks to Jabatan Penerangan Negeri Johor for sharing these information to public.

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