Facebook to discontinue these features after May 31! Some of the data will be deleted!



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Facebook to discontinue these features after May 31! Some of the data will be deleted!

1 Week ago

Are you a Facebook addicted user? Scrolling Facebook as a daily routine?


According to 《9to5mac》, Facebook users are informed by Facebook app about the end of Nearby Friends and other location-based features at the end of the month. Nearby Friends is a feature that lets people share their current location with other Facebook friends. 


Facebook has also confirmed this news, the main reason for the suspension is that the usage rate of these features are too low. Other than that, Time Alerts, Location History, and Background Location are also going away soon.

Some of the data, such as the users location history will be available for download by August 1, 2022. After that, this data will be deleted.

The article also mentioned that Facebooks app will not stop collecting users location. The location data will still be collected for other experiences. Of course, you can always disable the Facebook apps access to your location.

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