Can Exes Still Be Friends? Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Reunite In Bahamas



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Can Exes Still Be Friends? Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Reunite In Bahamas

By storyteller24

Bradley Cooper and ex Irina Shayk are proving that exes actually can be friends after a breakup.

On Aug. 28, the model, 36, shared a carousel of photographs from her recent tropical vacation on Instagram, one of which featured the father of her 5-year-old daughter Lea.

In the photo, Irina– who wore a floral bikini and black mesh cover-up – and Bradley stood next to each as they smiled at the camera. The Hangover star, 47, was shirtless and wearing a pair of short black swim trunks as he poured water into a bucket for the pigs to drink. 

She also shared pics of herself laying in the sand, flocking in the water with the pigs and standing near small sharks. The post was simply captioned with a red heart emoji.

However, despite the pair's recent trip, Bradley and Irina aren't back together. 

They are co-parenting and get along well for the sake of their daughter. They do things as a family and it's going well.

Here's us wishing them well! 

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